Customers Care On eCommerce Store

How To Show Your Customers That You Care About Them On Your eCommerce Store?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with customers to keep them loyal to your brand is much more difficult in the digital world of e-commerce.


Some e-commerce brands  go out of their way to thank their customers for the business they bring them.


One strategy is to express appreciation for the business that a customer brings you. Taking care of your customers gives your brand a human touch.


When thanking customers, being purposeful and personal can help showcase the human aspect of your brand, create connections, and build customer loyalty.


Have you ever thought about how you could improve your customer relations? I’ve compiled a list of customer-service suggestions for you to consider.


Who should be thanked? 

As your company grows, it will become practically impossible to thank every customer. Consider organizing your customers and prioritizing who you’d like to thank.


Consider thanking returning or repeat customers. On a specific day, you could send out holiday-themed thank you messages.


Use these strategies to strengthen and expand your customer relationships. This should entice them to come back for more.


Have you ever thought about how you could improve your customer relations? I’ve compiled a list of customer-service suggestions for you to consider.


How to take care of your customers?


Sending the perfect thank, you doesn’t have to be difficult. According to a TD Bank study, most customers have a low standard for appreciation. 60 percent of consumers believe appreciation should be conveyed by saying thank you directly to the individual.


 In comparison, 44 percent believe thank you should be personalized.


Prove to customers that there is a real person behind the scenes and behind the screen, and customers should be thanked without expecting anything in return.


Ways to Show Your Customers That You Care

Customers Care On eCommerce Store

You may want to take care of your customers on various occasions. You can do it in any of the following, depending on your budget:


Improve Customer Service by Better Understanding Your Customers

Analyzing customer reviews helps your brand to understand overall customer satisfaction because it can provide feedback on what your customers truly want.


Using this insightful data as input, you will be able to improve customer service by quickly and efficiently resolving issues that customers experience. 


This creates a positive experience for the customer and keeps your focus on their needs.


Listening to your customers’ suggestions and complaints, say, “I appreciate you.” Customers appreciate it when you listen to their complaints, apologise, and correct the situation. 


A strong customer feedback program integrated with your point of sale provides you with a consistent way to communicate with customers.


Use social media to highlight your best customers


Using social media to highlight a “Customer of the Week” gives your customers 15 seconds of fame, makes them feel appreciated, and shows other customers that people just like them shop at your store.


If you want your customers to participate and promote your brand on social media, make it clear what they can do to be featured. Whether it’s taking a photo of a recent purchase and posting it with your hashtag or sending you a video about why they love the brand that you can post.


Create a loyalty program

Reward your customers’ loyalty to keep them coming back for more. According to a Bond Brand Loyalty survey, millennial customers value customer loyalty programs highly. 


 The data shows that 68 percent of 20 to 34-year-olds said they would change where they shopped if they could be rewarded for their purchases.


Include a gift with your purchase


Giving customers a free gift when they buy something from your store makes them feel appreciated and more likely to return in the future.


 To assist customers in preparing their favorite items from your store during the holiday season, you can provide anything from free skin lotion to wrapping paper.


Thank you notes written by hand

Handwritten notes are now lost art and will be greatly valued. Also, if you can obtain the material that you will need for these in bulk, it will be less expensive for your company. 


Compare an email with a warm message to a handwritten note with the same message. The handwritten note will be a much more personal show of respect.


Remember to write your note on high-quality paper. Sign the note warmly but professionally as well. You can also include a brief explanation of why you are thanking the customer.


Bottom line


If you are in touch with your customer’s whole shopping journey, they’ll definitely spread positive words about your brand to their friends and colleagues. 


You can adopt any of the tips mentioned above to take care of your customers, and thus you can expect an assured rise in your customer traffic.


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