360dialog Integration

The only way to access the WhatsApp Business API is through a business solution provider. When using WhatsApp for authorized use cases of customer assistance and time-sensitive, customized notifications, these BSPs can assist you in contacting your customers.

The leading provider of the WhatsApp Business API worldwide is 360dialog. This is the only BSP entirely focused on the WhatsApp Business API, making it simple to adapt to all use cases and available to all sizes of businesses.

Reviewbit is integrated with 360dialog so that you can use your own brand WhatsApp number to send review requests to customers.

This documentation will seamlessly help you to connect your own brand WhatsApp number with reviewbit.

Step 1

  • You should upgrade to the Basic Plan to activate 360dialog account.
  • Prerequisites to create a WABA:

Required a valid email address

1)A 360 Client Hub account is created on the first page of signup.

2)This needs to be made using a valid email address (free email domains are not allowed).

3)Additionally, this email address shouldn’t be used to sign up for any other 360 Hub accounts.

Required a valid phone number

1)To start using the WhatsApp Business API, you need a valid phone number.

2)When registering, the number must be owned by you and capable of receiving an international phone call or SMS for the verification process.

Meta Business Manager Account with complete Business Info

1)During the signup process, you have the option of using an existing Meta Business Manager Account or create a new one. Find out how to find the Business Manager ID here.

2)You must complete the Business Info part of Business Manager Settings in order for your account to be active. A legal name, an address, a website, and the company phone number must all be mentioned.

WhatsApp Business Compliance

Your business must not violate the WhatsApp Business Policy and Commerce Policy.

Step 2

  • Go to reviewbit dashboard
  • Create a 360dialog account by clicking the ‘Create’ button.

If you already created an 360dialog account, then to integrate manually follow these steps.

360dialog integration
  • Now you will be redirected to 360dialog’s page. There you have to setup your account.
  • You have to create 360dialog account with your own credentials.
360dialog integration
  • If you are choosing Sign up with Facebook, you should tap Continue with Facebook
360dialog integration
360dialog integration
  • Now you have to give an existing WhatsApp Business Account number or register a new number.
  • Then select a verification method: Text message/ Voice call, and verify your number.
360dialog integration
  • Now click OK
360dialog integration
  • Now your account has been successfully created!
360dialog integration
  • Then select the number for which you want to give permission to the reviewbit to access the WhatsApp Business API and click Save selection.

360dialog integration
  • Now you will be redirected to reviewbit dashboard
  • There click on Connect button
360dialog integration
  • Then you have to login to your 360dialog by entering credentials such as email id and password.

360dialog integration
  • Now there will be a dialogue window showing a notification like the one below.
360dialog integration
  • After the approval, your number will be visible on the reviewbit dashboard as given below.
360dialog integration

Now onwards you can send review request using your own brand WhatsApp number.

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