Latest Chat Flow Settings  

We have recently updated the chat flow settings and added new features for a better user experience. 

In this article, we’ll give you a walkthrough of the new chat flow. 

  • The option to create new custom messages has been included under the Chat Flow Settings tab. Users can now create and submit it for Facebook’s approval from a single window.  

The process of approval has been automated. The approval status will be updated in a couple of hours. Once the message is approved, you can select it from the drop-down below and include it in your chat flow. 

  • In the initial message of the chat flow, we take consent from the users. There are three buttons in the introductory message,  

  Yes, I’d Love To 

Remind Me Later 

Product Not Received Yet 

Those who would like to start the review can click the first one. For those who are willing, but not free at that moment, we have the Remind Me Later button.  

We have previously faced instances when the shipments are delayed and the customers get the review requests before they receive the products. To overcome this situation, we have added the third button Product Not Received Yet. On clicking this button, customers receive a message with a link to track their shipment and a link to contact customer care, if required. 

  • More variables are included in the messages to bring in a higher level of personalization. 
  • With the updated chat flow, you can now receive more accurate ratings for your products. Customers can now provide 5,4, 3, 2 or 1 ratings depending on their experience.  

Along with each star rating option, we also display randomly chosen phrases. For example: 5 star- Amazing Product; 4 star- A Great Buy etc. These short phrases will be displayed as titles along with the collected reviews. 

  • Once the customers provide star ratings, they receive a text review request. From this point onwards, messages in the chat flow will be different for each star rating. 
  • Text review requests will have two options- Choose a Review, Write in My Own Words. Here they can write their own reviews or choose from a list of 10 quick review options. Buyers who provide 5,4 and 3-star ratings each are given a separate list of quick review options to choose from. Merchants have the option to edit these quick review options.  

For those who provide 1 and 2 stars, there won’t be a quick review option. They will be requested to submit a written review directly. 

Chat flow
  • For the introductory message, text review request, photo/video review requests, and follow-up messages for all these, we have provided a separate set of discount message templates. These messages are crafted to prompt the customers to provide reviews by offering discount coupons in return.  
Chat flow
  • All the templates are present in 10 different languages other than English- Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian Bahasa, Hebrew, French and Dutch. 
Chat flow
  • In the final message for 1 and 2-star ratings, we provide a link, clicking on which will connect them to customer care. 

We have taken special care to improve the content of the messages. Through casual, friendly interactive messages we have increased the review request conversion rate from 35 to 40%. 

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